Unique Experiences at the Bronx Zoo

Thomas Avellino is an experienced financial investment advisor representative and investment partnership manager from New Jersey. Outside of his professional pursuits, Thomas Avellino and his family operate a foundation that has supported a number of organizations, including The Bronx Zoo.

Those visiting the Bronx Zoo have the unique opportunity to see all types animals, from birds of prey to natives of the Himalayan highlands. The zoo also features a wide variety of exciting experiences that welcome the participation of individuals of all ages.

The Bronx Zoo hosts regular family breakfasts that allow visitors to enjoy an early morning meal alongside some of their favorite animals. During each breakfast, participants have the chance to expand their knowledge about a different kind of animal; no two family breakfasts are alike.

Families looking for an entertaining zoo adventure should also consider participating in the Bronx Zoo Quests. Under the guidance of designated Quest Leaders, visitors learn more about the zoo’s residents and why wildlife conservation is important. Individuals can choose between two different Bronx Zoo Quests. The first, Activity Trail, allows participants to see the entire park and complete zookeeper-inspired activities. The second Zoo Quest is Adventure Club, which gives visitors a look at how scientists learn about wild animals.